Embracing Excellence: British Quality Foundation (BQF) 2025 UK Excellence Awards Now Open!

My journey with the British Quality Foundation (BQF) over the past 18 months has been a wonderful meeting of minds, a true testament to the power of collaboration and continuous improvement. Established in 1993, BQF has been instrumental in recognising and fostering excellence in British business, evolving into a vibrant community of excellence professionals and organisations large and small, all dedicated to driving positive change across industries. BQF, a not-for-profit organisation, is truly the home of UK Excellence, it really doesn’t get any bigger than this! At the core of BQF’s ethos lies inclusivity and collaboration, providing members like myself with invaluable opportunities to connect, learn and grow. From thought-provoking seminars to engaging conferences, BQF has created a platform for us to share best practices and inspire one another in our pursuit of excellence. At the heart of BQF’s endeavours is its Patron, HRH The Princess Royal, who lends her support to the organisation’s mission of excellence. Furthermore, my personal journey with BQF reached an unimagined milestone at the 2025 awards launch on April 17th 2024, held at Mazars Old Baily offices, London, where I was honoured with the accolade of Excellenteer. This recognition underscores BQF’s commitment to acknowledging individuals who advocate for excellence and contribute to the community’s growth. I was totally shocked, and still as I write this cannot believe that this really happened! Central to BQF’s mission is the prestigious UK Excellence Awards programme. The awards are held every 18 months. Why 18 months? Well, this is to allow winners to enjoy being winners of these prestigious awards for as long as possible. The 2023 awards, held at the Hilton London Bankside last October, saw a sold-out event with 500 attendees, highlighting the growing recognition of excellence in UK organisations. Looking ahead, the 2025 awards will be hosted at the home of UK excellence, Wembley Stadium on Thursday, 27th March 2025, and promise to elevate the celebration of excellence to new heights yet again! Entries for the 2025 awards are now open, and are open to all (members and non-members), reflecting BQF’s commitment to inclusivity. Organisations and individuals are invited to showcase their outstanding achievements across a diverse range of categories: Transformation Excellence: Recognizing organisations driving significant operational changes for the benefit of customers and employees. Excellence in Continuous Improvement Culture: Celebrating organisations fostering a culture of ongoing improvement at all levels. Excellence in Collaboration: Highlighting successful collaborations between organisations to achieve remarkable outcomes. Excellence in Customer Experience: Honouring organisations dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Excellence in Innovation: Acknowledging organisations pushing the boundaries of innovation and fostering a culture of experimentation. Excellence in Environmental Sustainability: Rewarding organisations committed to creating a sustainable future for the planet. Excellence in Lean Six Sigma: Recognising outstanding projects demonstrating excellence through the Six Sigma methodology. Excellence in Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: Celebrating organisations promoting a culture of equality and inclusion. Excellence in People Engagement and Development: Recognising organisations investing in their people’s growth, development, and well-being. Project Delivery: Commending excellent project management practices and successful outcomes. Being Excellent: Recognising individuals and teams that demonstrate exceptional performance and contribution. Patron’s Award: A special award recognising individuals and organisations making a significant impact on society. Participation in the UK Excellence Awards is open to all, regardless of membership status. BQF’s dedication to inclusivity ensures that every organisation and individual has the opportunity to showcase their achievements and contribute to the community’s collective pursuit of excellence. As BQF continues to champion excellence and drive positive change, I am honoured to be part of a community dedicated to nurturing excellence and shaping the future of UK business. With the 2025 awards on the horizon, anticipation is high for another inspiring celebration of achievement and innovation. If you would like to learn more about the BQF, the UK Excellence Awards and how to enter, visit www.BQF.org.uk To hear more of my ramblings, follow me on LinkedIn – Matt Sims, or check out my Blogs at Blog – Ever-So-Lean (eversolean.com)