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What is Ever-So-Lean Rising Stars and why is it needed?

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Unlocking the potential of young minds is key to shaping a future of innovation and emotionally intelligent leadership. Continuous Improvement skills are not just about problem-solving; they’re about fostering agility, critical thinking and confidence in navigating the complexities of today’s diverse, modern world. 

The Ever-So-Lean Rising Stars program, tailored for 11-years plus, but enjoyed by those as young as 8-years, is a gateway to this transformative journey. Through a choice of interactive and engaging online e-learning modules and dynamic in-person workshops, Ever-So-Lean Rising Stars delves into the practical applications of Continuous Improvement. Developed by Matt himself, whose own journey from academic challenges, frontline roles, to global senior leadership roles underscores the power of continuous learning, mentorship, a pull to learn, and sheer perseverance, this program is more than just education—it’s empowerment.

As young minds embark on this journey, they’ll discover the relevance of Continuous Improvement in their daily lives, honing essential employability skills like teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, public speaking and innovation. It’s not just about preparing them for future careers; it’s about instilling a positive, growth mindset and endless possibility from a young age.

We are proud that our self-guided e-learning modules are endorsed by the British Quality Foundation, who are patronised by HRH Princess Anne. This association ensures that Ever-So-Lean Rising Stars achieves excellence in every sense of the word. Join us in igniting the spark of curiosity and potential in the leaders of tomorrow.

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Rising Stars Workshops

Our workshops prioritise hands-on learning, emphasising the acquisition of new skills through practical application. We recognise and accommodate diverse learning styles and difficulties, ensuring that every participant feels engaged and supported. We believe that by making meaningful connections between theoretical concepts and real-world scenarios, we create an environment where learning becomes not just a necessary process, but an engaging and enjoyable experience that resonates with each young mind’s unique way of understanding and absorbing information.

Engage | Empower | Inspire

Lean Thinking: 5S

2 Hour Session

Engage in hands-on exercises using LEGO and gamification to inspire and empower young minds. This workshop covers Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise & Sustain, emphasising teamwork and problem solving to achieve the end goal. Experience learning in a fun and interactive way!

Lean Thinking: Standard Work

2 Hour Session

Coming soon!

Lean Thinking: Flow Control

2 Hour Session

Coming soon!

Collaborative Working

2 Hour Session

This workshop is designed to instil the power of collaborative working in young minds. Through practical methods, participants are provided basic materials and challenged to transport a marble. This hands-on experience fosters creativity, teamwork, strategic planning and problem-solving.

Lean Thinking: Problem Solving

4 Hour Session

Practical problem-solving with our Egg Drop Challenge workshop. Explore key Lean tools such as fishbone diagrams for root cause analysis, 5 Whys for problem identification, and brainstorming to find innovative solutions. Develop new problem-solving skills in this engaging session!

Public Speaking

2 Hour Session

This workshop covers public speaking fundamentals, and develops confidence in addressing audiences, preparing young minds for future roles. Learning to engage audiences and refine delivery, empowering them to express themselves clearly and confidently.

Leadership: Decision Making

2 Hour Session

Coming soon!

Effective Communication

2 Hour Session

Coming soon!

Leadership: Conflict Management

2 Hour Session

Coming soon!

Our facilitators are fully DBS checked, and able to provide certificate details where required


Continuous Improvement Essentials - Engaging learning for young minds 11-years+. Learning critical problem solving skills - BQF accredited.

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The Ever-So-Lean Rising Stars e-Learning program is designed to empower young minds aged 11 and above with essential skills and knowledge to thrive in the business world. Developed by internationally renowned leadership and continuous improvement leader Matt Sims, our curriculum is built on foundations close to the standards of the British Quality Foundation (BQF) adult equivalent, but repositioned with greater relevance, essential elements, and an engaging delivery format for the young minds audience.

The result? A learning program that prepares young minds for future careers by empowering them with foundational knowledge in highly desirable skills that modern organisations depend upon to drive innovation and operational excellence. From mastering problem-solving fundamentals to cultivating leadership behaviours and nurturing innovation, our self-paced modules provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. Each lesson includes easy-to-follow instructions, interactive activities, and knowledge quizzes that allow learners to progress at their own pace.

Explore topics beyond the standard school curriculum and ignite a passion for learning with the Ever-So-Lean Rising Stars e-Learning program—where curiosity is sparked, creativity flourishes, and young minds are inspired to reach their full potential. Our e-Learning modules not only prepare young minds for future careers by teaching valuable workplace skills, they also promote critical thinking, collaboration and a growth mindset.

With BQF accreditation, young minds achieve certification from the UKs leading business excellence foundation, further enhancing recognition, and providing the optimum foundations for further learning.